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English and Literature: Print Reference

Cambridge/Oxford Companions

General Literature Sets

Special Topic Handbooks


Children's Literature

General reference books on children's literature can be found:

WOO Reference PN1008.2-1009.5

Browsing the Collection

Literature materials are found in the following areas of the library:

     Woo Reference

     Woo Main

     Woo Oversize

     Woo Periodicals

Literature materials will be in the P (Language and Literature) classification.

Follow the links to see a detailed outline of the Library of Congress Classification System, as well as maps and floorplans for our libraries.


Literary Terms

Dictionaries of literary terminology can be found:

WOO Reference PN41 & PN44

Literary Theory and Criticism

Handbooks of literary theory and criticism can be found:

WOO Reference PN 44 & PN75 - PN98


Handbooks of mythology can be found:

WOO Reference BL303 - BL2620

Quotation Handbooks

Quotation handbooks can be found:

Woo Reference PN6080 - PN6084