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Science Library Student Training: How to Find Resources

Summon VS. Consort

Journal Finder

How to Use Summon

How to Use Consort

How to Use Journal Finder

Browsing the Collections

LC call number classifications organize a collection based on subject. Sometimes a patron might want to browse the collection in an area of interest. 

The simplest way to direct them to an area is to find a similar book in catalog. 

Using  CONSORT to find similar books can give you an idea of the call number range(s) to check.

There are labels in the stacks identifying the subject areas that a shelf contains.

Government Documents

All Government Documents are housed in Andrews Library on the Lower 2 floor.  There are some materials in Timken that are gov docs but they are all cataloged by the LC call number system.  Here are a few important things to know about documents.

  • Government documents are classified by the SuDocs Classification system. 
  • The SuDocs system organizes materials by publishing agency NOT by subject like LC call number.
  • SuDocs call numbers look different than LC call numbers they have colons : and sometimes slashes and dashes / -   ex: Y 4.J 89/2-11:979.
  • Documents are mostly found on Andrews lower 2. 
  • When searching CONSORT by SuDoc number you must start from the CONSORT homepage - Basic Search tab.  It is the only time SuDoc is provided as a search option.
  • When you send patrons to Andrews to find a Government Document, always let the patron know they should visit the Research Help Desk if they need help finding the item.
  • For more information read through this information on the SuDocs Classification system