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Harry Potter's World: Renaissance Science, Magic, and Medicine - Spring 2013: Opening Events

This exhibit brought to you by the National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health. Curated by Elizabeth J. Bland. Hosted by The College of Wooster Libraries.

Themed Food at the Reception


Pumkin Muffins

On February 13th, the 6:30 Opening Reception included themed food to honor the favorites in the Harry Potter series: Butterbeer and Pumpkin Muffins.


Speakers and Costume Contest Participants

Professor Dumbledore (a.k.a Emeritus Prof. Larry Stewart) and Friends

Our Very Own Quidditch Team Representative

Emma Kahn - Quidditch Team Representative

We were honored by the attendance of a student representative of The College of Wooster's very own Quidditch team, Emma Kahn, in uniform no less. Who knew?

"Mythological Beasts & Magical Language

Prof. Monica Florence, Chair of our Classical Studies department, shared her expertise by identifying where some of the mythological animals and the language of the spells originated from historically. It was interesting to learn that J.K. Rowlings has a fair amount of Classical Studies background as well.

"Use and Abuse of Magic and Witchcraft"

Prof. Pam Frese, from our Sociology/Anthropology department, shared how many over the years have mislabeled as witchcraft and demonology the actions of single and widowed women practicing herbology in healing and/or Wicca.

Costume Contest Winners

Emily "Lilie" Pudnos

Lauren Smith

Rhys Florence-Smith

The opening event ended with a costume contest judged by Dumbledore (a.k.a. Emeritus Prof. of English, Larry Stewart).
First prize went to College of Wooster student, Emily "Lilie" Pudnos, dressed as "Ginny Weasley."
Second prize was awarded to College of Wooster student, Lauren Smith, dressed as "Hermione Granger."
And third prize went to a local kindergartener, Rhys Florence-Smith, dressed as a miniature "Harry Potter."
Great fun was had by all in attendance!