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#ResearchProTips - Past Library Workshops: Study Smart: 20 Apps in 30 Minutes

Library Drop-In Workshops Offered in the Past - Useful Notes and Links


Learn about 20 librarian-approved apps that can help you get organized, get focused, and study smart!  The librarians will be available after the presentation to answer questions and help you get started.


Takeaway #1

Learn about applications designed to help you organize and/or share bibliographies, notes, and your day, as well as keep your work safe.

Takeaway #2

Learn how the Libraries' and Colleges' subscriptions and software can save you time and secure your work.

Takeaway #3

Learn about ways to take notes on PDFs.

Takeaway #4

Learn about ways to minimize your distractions and focus on your work.

Takeaway #5

Learn research and productivity apps that will help you study smart.

Presentation from Google Slides

Get the Apps!


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Catie Newton
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