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The Wooster Digital Studio: Editing Suite

This is a thumbnail guide to the Woo DigS -- the Wooster Digital Studio -- including its assets, guides to using those assets, and the procedures by which you can gain access to those assets. You may also want to check out the CoRE website for more inform

Explore the Editing Suite

A panorama of the Editing Suite in the Digital Studio.

The Editing Suite in the Digital Studio has plenty of resources for students, faculty and staff at the College of Wooster. The Suite contains....

  • Three dual-monitor iMacs for editing and production of digital media.
  • Two single-monitor iMacs (for the same, just with less screen real estate)
  • An interactive (touch) projector with HDMI connectors and a USB cable for using the touch features of the white board to "drive" using your computers' mouse functions.
  • A powerful library of creative editing software, including...
    • The Adobe Creative Cloud
    • Screenflow
    • Audacity
    • Final Cut Pro
    • Garage Band
    • iMovie
    • Microsoft Office Suite

No matter your project, the Digital Studio has the resources you need to take your work to the next level.


We have plenty of tutorials for programs and software in the Editing Suite and Digital Studio as a whole.

Read more here.


Make a Reservation

Be sure to make a reservation. Just so you're being kind to your peers, maybe only book the space for an hour at a time. We ask that you please sign up at least 24 hours in advance if possible. Each morning, the schedule will be posted; if there's no one before you or after you, you might come a little early or stay a little late, but stay true to the hour if you're able.