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How Do I...Connect from Off-Campus: Home

Accessing Resources from Off-Campus

If you use the links to our databases from our A to Z list, most of them have been set up to prompt you to authenticate with your College of Wooster log in information.  This may meet your needs for conducting research from off-campus.  If you encounter a resource that doesn't authenticate you, try the options listed below.

Access via the COW Virtual Private Network (COW-VPN)

The most convenient method for accessing the Libraries' electronic resources on your computer from off-campus is by setting up the COW-VPN access. By using this type of access your computer will be recognized as having a campus Internet address and thus allow you access to electronic resources such as databases and electronic journals. This is the best method for accessing JSTOR.

Once you have set up a COW-VPN connection on your computer, you simply access the Internet as you would normally and then connect to the COW-VPN. For instructions see:

Office of Information Technology Documention for Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Access via OhioLINK Remote Authentication

The other method for accessing the Libraries' electronic resources from off-campus is by using OhioLINK's remote authentication.

Begin by going to the OhioLINK Institution Selection Form and selecting College of Wooster from the pull-down menu and clicking the Submit button. You will be prompted for your C.O.W. account information (the user name and password you use for e-mail). You should receive a message indicating that authentication was successful.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Once you have authenticated through the OhioLINK site, it is necessary for you to access databases/electronic resources through the OhioLINK web pages in order to use the correct off-campus web addresses.

If you have any questions about off-campus access for electronic resources, please contact Mark Gooch (330-263- 2522) or call the Library's main number (330-263-2493) and ask for the research help desk. You can also refer to How to Access OhioLINK Databases.

Setting Up Google Scholar to Check for College of Wooster Holdings

  1. Go to Google Scholar:
  2. In the upper, right-hand corner click settings.
  3. In the left-hand column, click Library Links.
  4. In the search box, type ohiolink.
  5. Check the appropriate boxes (College of Wooster, OhioLINK, as well as Open WorldCat).
  6. Click Save

After doing a search in Google Scholar, the "Find It" link will usually be over in the right-hand portion of the results.  Click it to search Wooster's holdings.  If there is no "Find It" link, sometimes it will be located under "More" beneath the article info.