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The Wooster Digital Studio: One Button Studio

This is a thumbnail guide to the Woo DigS -- the Wooster Digital Studio -- including its assets, guides to using those assets, and the procedures by which you can gain access to those assets. You may also want to check out the CoRE website for more inform

Explore the One Button Studio

The One Button Studio (OBS) is a one-stop spot for all of your video recording needs, where all you need is a USB Flash Drive (FAT 32). No matter what you want to make, the OBS has the resources to make it happen. We have the camera, the lights, and chromakey screen--just press the One Button, and let the magic begin.

You can make professional-quality recordings with the press of a button. All it takes is a USB Flash drive, your creativity, and a single button-push.

Whether you want to record yourself giving a presentation, film yourself in front of a green screen, or do an interview, the OBS will let you do so in style.

After you're done, you can take your recording outside to edit your film in iMovie, in the Digital Studio Editing Suite, and make your project shine. We welcome drop-in appointments, and our CoRE Consultants are glad to help make your video the best it can be.


Make a Reservation

Be sure to make a reservation. Just so you're being kind to your peers, maybe only book the space for an hour at a time. We ask that you please sign up at least 24 hours in advance if possible. Each morning, the schedule will be posted; if there's no one before you or after you, you might come a little early or stay a little late, but stay true to the hour if you're able.


The One Button Studio has plenty of resources for students, staff and faculty at The College of Wooster to make high-quality recordings and videos. Such as...

  • The eponymous "one button," a USB hub, and a monitor
  • Canon HD Video Camera
  • Chromatte Chromakey Screen
  • LiteRing, for Green/Blue Screen Toggle
  • WhiteBoard and EPSON projector

There are also CoRE Consultants, who are glad to help you record and get set up if need be.

OBS Overview

If you want to record in the One Button Studio, check out our overview to learn more about the OBS.

Our beginner recording tutorial can help you get started with your next video masterpiece. Click "Learn More" to see how to begin recording.