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The Wooster Digital Studio: Sound-Studio

This is a thumbnail guide to the Woo DigS -- the Wooster Digital Studio -- including its assets, guides to using those assets, and the procedures by which you can gain access to those assets. You may also want to check out the CoRE website for more inform

Explore the Sound Studio

Features of the DigS

Professional Recording Quality, Right in Your Library

The Sound Studio gives The College of Wooster staff, students and faculty a place to create professional-level recordings. Whether they're podcasts, singing, or just for fun, the studio has plenty of resources, such as...

  • Scarlett Mixrite Mixer
  • Mac Computer
  • Shure Microphones
  • Audacity, the premiere multi-platform Open-Source sound editor
  • Collaborative Workspace

More Information and reservations

In the Sound Studio, students, faculty and staff can record for their own personal projects or for class. As part of the Digital Studio, students can also use the space to edit their own audio, add their audio to films, or even to create a new musical masterpiece with GarageBand. The possibilities are endless!

If you are encountering difficulty with your recording, or having issues with saving or editing, one of our helpful CoRE Consultants can assist you, and you can make your work the best it can be. The Sound Studio in the Digital Studio space at the College of Wooster is an invaluable resource for the Wooster Community. So, come on over and try it out!

Reserve the space using The College of Wooster's ConnectDaily Service.

Don't see the information you're looking for here? Check out the CoRE Website for more!


Make a Reservation

Be sure to make a reservation. Just so you're being kind to your peers, maybe only book the space for an hour at a time. We ask that you please sign up at least 24 hours in advance if possible. Each morning, the schedule will be posted; if there's no one before you or after you, you might come a little early or stay a little late, but stay true to the hour if you're able.



Reservations are not required but are recommended if you're anticipating a deadline. Use of the spaces are first-come, first-served, though preference will be given to students working on projects that involve digital media production. (NB: drafting a paper in Word is not "digital media production"!)

To reserve the space navigate to ConnectDaily and follow steps there. (The Sound Studio is Andrews 135A.)

New to ConnectDaily, check out their documentation!


More Guides and Docs!

We have a lot of our documentation on Github as well. Have a look there if you're looking for tutorials or guides. If you're running a similar space, fork the repo and steal our docs! Open Access FTW!

Digital Scholarship Librarian & Director of the Collaborative Research Environment (CoRE)

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