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#ResearchProTips - Library Workshops - Spring 2018: Workshop Schedule

Library workshops open to College of Wooster students, faculty, and staff.


Spring 2018 Library Workshop Schedule

LENGTH: 50 minutes

 LOCATION: Andrews Library CoRE

HANDS-ON WORKSHOPS: Please bring your Laptop!

Introduction to Zotero

Learn how to organize your research using Zotero.  Import sources from the web and create bibliographies with one click!  If you plan to attend a Zotero workshop, please register using this link.


Thursday January 25 4:00 pm
Wednesday January 31 7:00 pm
Tuesday February 13 7:00 pm
Thursday March 1 4:00 pm


Become a Google Scholar

Become a power searcher and learn how Google Scholar integrates with library collections to help you get straight to the articles you need.


Tuesday February 6 4:00 pm
Wednesday February 7 7:00 pm


Your I.S. After I.S. Monday

You got your Tootsie Roll!  Now what?  Find out more about where your I.S. lives online, your rights as an author, and how to steward your work into a happy future.


Tuesday February 27 4:00 pm
Wednesday March 28 4:00 pm


What's a Digital I.S.?



Thursday April 5 4:00 pm
Wednesday April 11 7:00 pm