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FYS - Art of the Copy - Bonk, Fall 2020 by Mark Gooch: Requesting an Article

Requesting an Article

Sometimes the full-text of an article isn't available in the database.  You can click the "Check for Full Text" link to see if full-text access is available via another database.

If you click the "Check for Full Text" link, and still have no full-text access to the article, you can request a copy of the article via our interlibrary loan system called ILL Portal by clicking the link "Or consider Interlibrary Loan via our ILL Portal".

When you click the "Or, Consider Interlibary..." link you will be taken to the ILL Portal log in page.  Once you log in, the form should auto-fill with the elements of the article citation.  It is always good to be sure the necessary fields are completed properly.  Note: It is helpful to create your ILL Portal account prior to beginning your research.  That way when you click on the link you can quickly log in and complete your article request.

Most articles are received electronically.  You will receive an e-mail message indicating that your article has arrived and can be accessed via ILL Portal.  Simply log in to the ILL Portal and click on the Electronically Received Articles link in the left-hand column.  Notes:  Your ILL Portal login is the same as your campus email account login.  Articles received electronically are only available for approximately 30 days.  It is recommended that you save the article some place other than in the ILL Portal.