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Classical Studies: Thesaurus Linguae Grecae

Research Resources for Classical Studies Majors and Topics

How to Use the Thesaurus Linguae Grecae

There are numerous ways that you can utilize the TLG Digital Library.  The videos to the right provide helpful information about searching the TLG

How to...Search to TLG Canon

This tutorial demonstrates how to use the TLG Canon Database, how to search by date, genre, geo location, etc. how to make a list of authors to search and many other features.

How to.. do a TLG text search

This tutorial introduces users to the main features of the TLG Text search (Simple and Proximity). The video describes how to use Word Index, Lemma and Textual Search and how to apply options such a exact match, case-sensitive, diacritics sensitive, etc.

How to... Browse one text

This tutorial introduces users to the TLG Browser and its features. Learn how to select a text and how to take advantage of links to morphology and lexica, n-grams and statistics.

How to.. do Parallel Browsing

This tutorial explains the use of Parallel Browsing in the TLG: browse any two texts side by side, compare two texts and compare two editions.