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FYS- (In)visible Others in Literature and Film- Filimonova (2016): Accessing Information

How to Access Sources


Once you find an article that you would like to access, you will confront one of several different scenarios:

A. Best Scenario: You will see a link to "PDF Full Text" that you can click to bring up the full text that you can then download, print, save, etc. 

B. Second Best Scenario: You will see "Check for Full Text." When you click this link, you may see that the full text is available through OhioLINK. The page should look something like this: 

Click on the title and there should be a link to the full text of the article.

C. Third Scenario (don't panic!): "Sorry, no holdings were found for this article"...If the article is not available through CONSORT or OhioLINK, you can still probably access it through ILLiad. The page will look something like this: 

Click the link that says "Or, consider Interlibrary Loan via ILLiad." This will take you to the log in page for ILLiad. Enter the credentials we set up during our FYS library session. Once you are logged in, all of the required fields should be automatically filled for you. Update the "Not Wanted After Field" to the last date that the source would be helpful for you. If you need it in 3 weeks, indicate that here. Allow at least 2 weeks. Make sure to indicate whether you will accept the source in a language other than English.

D. Last Option: If you and a librarian are unable to get the material via any of these means and it is significant to your research, the library can buy the source and add it to our circulating materials so that you can access it. Ask your friendly librarian about this option.

If you get lost or need help, visit the Research Help Desk or book a research consultation! 



When you find a listing for a book, you will usually see something that looks like this: 


If it's available at The College of Wooster, locate it by call number. The first letter in the call number indicates the general subject of the book. "P" here indicates Languages and Literature. The second letter indicates the more specific subject matter of the book. "PR" indicates that the book is English Literature. It will be on the shelf next to all of the other English Lit books. The numbers indicate the specific positioning on the shelf. 6067 would come before this book on the shelf. The yellow bookmark you received during our session lists the Library of Congress Classifications (The letters and their associated subjects). If you need help locating a book, ask a librarian or the Research Help Desk or the student at the circulation desk! Remember, there are two circulation desks!

If the book is NOT available at the 4 colleges, you can access it the same way you would an article. Follow the above instructions.

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