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Getting Started with Omeka: Items & Collections

This guide introduces you to the digital curation platform Omeka. In it, you will find instructions for adding items and building collections and exhibits. You will also learn how to use a variety of options to customize your site.

How to add an item: Video

How to add an item: Step-by-step instructions

1. From your Dashboard, select "Item" in the left sidebar menu, then click the green "Add an Item" button.

2. From the "Add an Item" screen, you can fill in your Dublin Core metadata for the item. Note that you can tab over to "Files" to add the file for your item.

3. In the "Files" tab, simply click "Choose file" to browse your computer and locate the item you'd like to add.


Organizing your content

Omeka's internal organization maps closely to a physical museum's. Think of an item as a painting on the wall of a museum. Note that the item has accompanying metadata (information about its provenance and descriptive details). The museum may organize items into permanent collections based on shared characteristics or donors. Items from multiple collections may be combined and contextualized in an exhibit. Often, text accompanies the items and tells a story. Just as exhibits are temporary in museums, exhibits are unique to Omeka. You can export items and collections from Omeka, but you cannot export exhibits.

Assign Items to Collections

To assign an item to a collection, first make sure that you have created a collection. Do this by clicking on "Collections" in the left sidebar menu, then clicking on the "Add a Collection" button in the upper left corner. Fill in the Dublin Core metadata for the collection and save your changes. Once you've created your collection, you can assign items to it by going to "Items" in the left sidebar. Once there, you can either add or edit an item and assign it a collection by choosing from the dropdown menu in the box on the right side of the page.