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Getting Started with Omeka: Building Exhibits

This guide introduces you to the digital curation platform Omeka. In it, you will find instructions for adding items and building collections and exhibits. You will also learn how to use a variety of options to customize your site.

How to Build an Exhibit in Omeka: Video

Exhibits Basics

Exhibits tell a story. They allow you to put your items in context by building a narrative for your user. If the focus of your collection in Omeka is a diary, for example, you might create an exhibit using a page from that diary, photographs from the historical period, and a photograph of the author of the diary. You might then add text that tells a story about the context in which the diary was written. Here are some optional layouts for your exhibit:

How to Create an Exhibit

First, select "Exhibits" from the left sidebar menu. Then, Click "Add an Exhibit"

You can now add a title for your exhibit and choose a short, descriptive "slug" (which will act as the very end of your url for the exhibit). I recommend keeping "Current Public Theme" as the theme for your exhibit to keep your site's look and feel the same throughout.

Once you've filled in this basic information, you can choose whether you'd like a summary page for your exhibit. This will create a descriptive landing (parent) page for the exhibit. Your user will then navigate through the tabs on the right to see the different pages in your exhibit. 

This is an example of a summary page: 


How to Add Pages

At the bottom of your "Add an Exhibit" page, click the "Add a Page" button. Enter the title for your new exhibit page and create a slug that's specific to this page of the exhibit. Choose a layout for your exhibit that will showcase whatever kind of content you choose to add to your exhibit.

Now that you've set the settings for your page, add a content block to your page. Choose from your items. 

Now set the layout for that content (will the images be displayed on the left or the right?). Remember to save your changes!