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Getting Started with Omeka

This guide introduces you to the digital curation platform Omeka. In it, you will find instructions for adding items and building collections and exhibits. You will also learn how to use a variety of options to customize your site.

Which is right for your project?

The choice of whether to use or for your project will depend on your project goals. Make sure to discuss both options with your librarian to determine which is right for you BEFORE beginning your project.                


-Free and robust                                                     

-Highly customizable                                              

-No storage cap                                                      


-Difficult to manage & make changes                   

-Maintenance requires attention                       


-Pricing models give you more flexibility

-Easy to manage

-Easy to update and maintain (Omeka updates the site for you as updated versions of the software are released)


-Appearance and functionality relatively limited

-Storage cap makes certain kinds of content difficult to work with (large video and audio files)