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CoRE Awards for IS Symposium: Home

The CoRE Awards for I.S. Symposium are designed to celebrate your collaborative, interdisciplinary, innovative, and critically engaged Independent Study presentations. You may nominate yourself for any of these opportunities when you register to present at Symposium using the I.S. Symposium Registration Form that is administered by the Dean's Office and APEX. There will be a winner in each of these categories and there will be a cash prize offered by the offices of Academic Affairs. 

A few notes...

  • Folks can choose either the Collaborative/Interdisciplinary Presentation option or the CoRE Award for Critical Digital Engagement; folks cannot self-nominate for both of these. 

  • However anyone can participate in the IS:180 Initiative, even if you self-nominated for one of the other CoRE Awards.

  • After the registration deadline has passed, someone coordinating the CoRE Awards will be in touch with you about details for submission including format and deadlines. 

  • Questions? Email


IS:180 Video Project

$200 individual award

Your independent study, on one slide, in 180 seconds. Rather than performing this challenging feat before a live audience during Symposium, however, students will use the the One-Button Studio in Andrews’ Library’s Digital Studio to create a three-minute video. Then, on Symposium Friday, all of the IS:1S:180 videos will be streaming on a handful of displays around campus. So go make your slide, practice your pitch, and come down to the Woo DigS to make your impactful IS:1S:180. You don’t know the first thing about creating or editing video? Don’t let that stop you: Sunday through Thursday (1pm-10pm) there are CoRE Consultants on duty in the Digital Studio and there are Student Technology Associates available at the Digital Media Bar in CoRE. Don’t forget to polish your script in the Writing Center! The best of these will follow the rules – one slide and one 180-second video presentation that is created using the green screen in the OBS – and will be judged on the criteria linked here.

CoRE Award for Collaborative/Interdisciplinary I.S. Presentations

$600 Team Award

Imagine yourself on Symposium Friday: you’re presenting an oral presentation on a panel with two of your fellow seniors. The three of you have been thinking together all year about the ways in which your work plays on similar ideas, but from different disciplinary perspectives. Now, at symposium, you have the chance to tell the story of how your unique Independent Study topics and approaches fit together. Perhaps you have all examined the water crisis from environmental, sociological, and historical perspectives; or maybe you are all looking at “food” through the lenses of ethics, economic, and art. Whatever your story, align your presentations so that the three of your talks clearly articulate the ways in which this complex puzzle fits together. Do it exceptionally well, and your group may win the CoRE Award for Collaborative/Interdisciplinary I.S. Presentations. 

CoRE Award for Critical Digital Engagement

$400 Individual Award

If your Independent Study uses digital technologies to critically engage with your topic in innovative ways, then you should nominate yourself for the CoRE Award for Critical Digital Engagement. Maybe, because of the intersections in your major and minor you have had to think creatively about the ways in which these two disciplines converge with digitally-informed critical inquiry. On the other hand, you might simply bring digital methods to bear in a discipline that does not typically feature such research. Whatever your situation, if your independent study, either in methods or in subject matter, critically engages with or through digital technologies, you could win the CoRE Award for Critical Digital Engagement. First, nominate yourself on the Symposium Registration form. Then, register for whatever presentation style you’d like (it doesn’t have to be a “Digital Display or Demonstration”). Finally, submit a brief rationale – no more than one page – that is carefully-composed and that clearly articulates the ways in which your independent study exemplifies critical digital engagement as it’s described here. 

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