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The Wooster Digital Studio: Sound-Studio

This is a thumbnail guide to the Woo DigS -- the Wooster Digital Studio -- including its assets, guides to using those assets, and the procedures by which you can gain access to those assets.

Explore the Sound Studio

Features of the DigS

Professional Recording Quality, Right in Your Library

The Sound Studio gives The College of Wooster staff, students and faculty a place to create professional-level recordings. Whether they're podcasts, singing, or just for fun, the studio has plenty of resources, such as...

  • Scarlett Mixrite Mixer
  • Mac Computer
  • Shure Microphones
  • Audacity, the premiere multi-platform Open-Source sound editor
  • Collaborative Workspace

About the Sound Studio

In the Sound Studio, students, faculty and staff can record for their own personal projects or for class. As part of the Digital Studio, students can also use the space to edit their own audio, add their audio to films, or even to create a new musical masterpiece with GarageBand. The possibilities are endless!

If you are encountering difficulty with your recording, or having issues with saving or editing, one of our helpful CoRE Consultants can assist you, and you can make your work the best it can be. The Sound Studio in the Digital Studio space at the College of Wooster is an invaluable resource for the Wooster Community. So, come on over and try it out!

Don't see the information you're looking for more? Check out the CoRE Website for more!



Reservations are highly recommended for all of our Digital Studio spaces. To make reservation, please use the College's 25Live reservations system. If you have any questions about availability, please contact us or email the Dir. of CoRE, Jacob Heil

Appointments should be made at least 16 hours in advance, and visitors will be required to check-in upon arrival. Walk-in service is available as long as the area is staffed; given our staff's limited availability we cannot guarantee that Consultants will be in the space if there are no reservations. 

More Guides and Docs!

We have a lot of our documentation on Github as well. Have a look there if you're looking for tutorials or guides. If you're running a similar space, fork the repo and steal our docs! Open Access FTW!

Interim Librarian

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Zach Sharrow
Office: Andrews Library 148
Phone: (330)-263-2483
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