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How long is the checkout period for books?


For first-year and sophomore students, most books in the Wooster libraries can be checked out for 3 weeks, and as long as nobody else requests the book, they are automatically renewed up to 6 times.  The loan period changes when you reach your junior and senior years.  See this page on the libraries website for more information.


What materials can/can't I check out?


While most of the items in the libraries are available to check out, there are a few exceptions.  

Reference materials and periodicals can't be checked out.  You can recognize reference materials by looking for "Ref." on the call number label -- most of them are located on the first floor of Gault and under the South mezzanine in Timken.  Periodicals are things like newspapers, magazines, and scholarly journals -- neither the individual issues nor the bound volumes of periodicals can be checked out.  You can use the libraries' printers to scan or make copies of journal articles or parts of reference works.

Two-hour reserve books can be checked out, but they can't leave the building.


Can I print from my laptop/computer?


Yes!  You will need to install the software required to use campus printers.  Go here, and select the appropriate software for your system.


Does the library have my course textbook?


As a general rule, the libraries do not collect course textbooks.  However, you can try searching in CONSORT and OhioLINK to see if a particular book is available.  

Also, your professor may have placed a copy of a required or optional course text on reserve.  You can search the reserves by course or by instructor.


Does the library have a fiction section?


Fiction and nonfiction aren't formally separated, but our classification system does have broad categories for various types of literature.  Fiction is shelved alongside literary criticism and translation according to the author's country of origin and time period.  Check this list of the categories in the Language and Literature classification.  You can also add the word "fiction" to your search in CONSORT.

Additionally, there is a browsing collection for general interest books (including recent fiction) located in Andrews Library near the printers.