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FYS -- Idiocracy? -- van Doorn (2017): Home

This is a guide for the documentary assignment from this course. It's mostly links to other guides and resources.

Getting Help

If you need help on any aspect of this assignment, this is what we're here for. You can certainly contact Jacob Heil, whose information is linked over on the right-hand side. You have other resources as well, for this and all classes. 

For Research Help

Use this form to set up a research consultation. Based on your question, the Research Help Desk will direct your inquiry to the best librarian for the job. 

For Technological Assistance

If you need help with the technologies involved in the assignment, you have a couple of options.

Collecting Media

As we discussed in class, your main goals are to think about the story you want to tell with the media that you collect. So you'll research your topic and start to shape your argument, then you'll start to collect media resources that help you tell that story. This is an iterative process: as you collect media, the story you want to tell will shift, so you'll refine your argument and look again for information (search and re-search). 


Digital Scholarship Librarian & Director of the Collaborative Research Environment (CoRE)

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