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Creating Digital Media

This is guide to digital media production in the libraries. It is a supplement to the Digital Studio's documentation, and can be used as a reference for projects that might originate in the One-Button Studio or the Sound Studio.

Video Presentations using iMovie, PowerPoint, and the One-Button Studio

If you''d like to make a video presentation in which you superimpose yourself in front of your slideshow, this is the place for you. There are three components to this process:

  • Powerpoint 
    • Use the templates linked below to create a slideshow presentation. 
    • Export that presentation as individual image files (JPG, PNG)
  • The OBS
    • In the OBS, create a video in which you're standing to the left or right of the green screen (turn on the green screen!) and talking through your presentation.
    • Don't forget to reserve the One Button Studio!
  • iMovie
    • Import your slide images into an iMovie Project
    • Import your OBS video into the same project
    • Drag your slides to the main timeline at the bottom, and drag your green screen video to the "overlay" timeline above it. 
    • Have a look at this video if you need help!


Click the following links to download them, save to your Desktop (or anywhere), and then double-click to open in PowerPoint. You can edit from there... be sure to save your presentation!