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Library Workshops - Fall 2021: All Things I.S.

Library workshops open to College of Wooster students, faculty, and staff.


This workshop is tailored to Juniors and Seniors that are currently working on their Independent Studies. 

1. Importance of backing up your work.

Discover some useful backup tools for preserving your I.S. work.

2. What Open Works is and how it will be useful to you.

Discover the place where your I.S. will live after you leave Wooster.

3. What exemplars are in Open Works.

Exemplars are highlighted I.S. projects made publicly available on the Internet.

4. Your long-term rights related to your I.S. project.

What you need to know about your personal rights to your own I.S. project.

5. Your professional identity after college.

Learn about the benefits a Google Scholar profile can provide

6. Predatory publishing

Learn about the predatory publishers and the red flags that can help you identify them. 


Resources for learning more

For learning more about open access, our exemplar policies, and your rights to your work

A fairly comprehensive list of reputable open access journals

Is your journal a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association? They have fairly strict membership criteria and high standards for journals, so membership in OASPA is a good sign that the journal you're considering is legitimate.

Open Access Journal Quality Indicators

GVSU put together this great list of quality indicators that can be helpful when assessing the quality of a journal.