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Environmental Studies: Recommended Websites

Interesting Sites to Consider

Cosmetics Database
This database created by the Environmental Working Group illuminates some of the hazards of chemical found in many everyday cosmetics products, from makeup to shampoo and hair color to toothpaste and deodorant.   "Now in its fourth year and third major update, our Skin Deep database provides you with easy-to-navigate safety ratings for nearly a quarter of all products on the market — 51,299 products with 8,764 ingredients. At about one million page views per month, Skin Deep is the world's largest and most popular product safety guide." -from "About" menu

EarthTrends: The Environmental Information Portal

This site, developed by the World Resources Institute, provides access to global or country-specific environmental data in 10 categories, including water resources and freshwater systems, agriculture and food, climate and atmosphere, and biodiversity.
Energy Information Administration
This is an excellent resource for data on all major energy sources, including petroleum, natural gas, electricity, coal, nuclear and renewable fuels. The site includes international energy information, statistical forecasts and analyses; state and United States historical data; energy use for houses, buildings and industry; and environmental data.
Environmental Protection Agency
The official site of the EPA includes current news items; laws, regulations and dockets; environmental information about regions of the country or specific localities; access to EPA publications, libraries, databases, and other sources of information; and, educational resources.
Environmental Resources on the Web
Produced jointly by the Center for Environmental Journalism and the University Libraries at the University of Colorado in Boulder, this site provides access to Web sites and databases containing information on the scientific, political, economic, and social aspects of environmental issues.
EnviroLink: The Online Environmental Community
EnviroLink is a nonprofit organization which acts as an Internet clearinghouse for the diverse environmental community.
National Council for Science and the Environment: National Library for the Environment
The NCSE works to improve the scientific basis for environmental decision making. The site provides access to more than 1200 Congressional Research Service Reports on environmental and related topics. It also links to many other environmental resources.
Natural Resources Defense Council
The National Resources Defense Council strives “to protect the planet’s wildlife and wild places and to ensure a safe and healthy environment for all living things.” The web site provides information on clean air and energy, global warming, clean water and oceans, environmental legislation and more.
This site focuses on the distribution and conservation status of more than 59,000 plant and animal species in the United States and Canada.
NEMESIS: National Exotic Marine and Estuarine Species Information System
            Compiles detailed information on approximately 500 different non-native species of plants, fish, invertebrates, protists and algae that have invaded             U.S. coastal waters.
This search engine searches more than 36 databases and 1850 selected web sites with 200 million pages of U.S. government science information
UNEP: Atlas of Our Changing Environment
This interactive atlas from the United Nations Environment Program was developed cooperatively by the US Geological Survey, NASA, and the University of Maryland in partnership with Google. Aerial map images, textual descriptions and photographs illustrate environmental changes for 185 locations worldwide. The site covers natural disasters, changes in glaciers, and the effects of wetlands degradation, water problems, urban sprawl, and pollution.

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