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ARCH 21908: Archaeology of the Ancient Near East : Middle Bronze Age Mesopotamia (Ur III)

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Middle Bronze Age Mesopotamia (Ur III)

The drought that ended the Akkadian Empire set into motion events in the Middle Bronze Age (about 2,100–1,550 BCE) that could not be undone. This included migration of Semitic and Indo-European people, particularly Amorites and Hurrians whose arrival changed the course of history. One Amorite, Hammurabi, founded the Babylonia in southern Mesopotamia; while the Hurrians founded the Mitanni kingdom in northern Mesopotamia, who briefly dominated Assyria. Hurrians also made up a large part of the Hittite Empire that was founded in present-day Turkey at the time that Babylonia and Assyria began vying for control over Mesopotamia.

Key Sites

Assur (Iraq)

Babylon (Iraq)

Hattusa (Turkey)

Isin (Iraq)

Lagash (Iraq)

Larsa (Iraq)

Nineveh (Iraq)

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