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ARCH 21908: Archaeology of the Ancient Near East : Home

This guide will help you get started with your research for Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

What is this guide?

This guide is here to help you get started with finding scholarly resources for your research paper.  This guide includes information about key time periods with their associated sites and important citations.  Look at the subtabs under the "Key Periods, Sites, and Citations" tab for this information organized by time period.  The resources listed are just to get you started, if you don't find everything you need here- that's okay!  This list is not meant to be exhaustive.  The rest of the guide will give you some advice on different databases to look in for more resources, as well as how to search in them, and how to cite things once you've found them

Finding materials you have a citation for...

So you found a citation to an article or book that you found or your professor gave you, now what?  

  • Try searching by the title, author, or ISBN number  of a book in the CONSORT Catalog.  If you're not finding what you're looking for in CONSORT, try the OhioLink Catalog
  • Search for the title of the publication in the Journal Finder to see if we have access to that journal.  More help with Journal Finder see this tutorial.
  • Books or articles not available to borrow or access, request them through the ILL portal


Places to Search

This guide provides lots of starting points for you research, but where can you go to find more?  Your librarian recommendations:


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