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ARCH 21908: Archaeology of the Ancient Near East : Early and Middle Bronze Ages Egypt and the Levant (Protodynastic Period, Early Dynastic Period, Old Kingdom)

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Early and Middle Bronze Ages Egypt and the Levant (Protodynastic Period, Early Dynastic Period, Old Kingdom)

In Early and Middle Bronze Ages, ancient Egypt and ancient Palestine (present-day Israel and Palestine) were inseparable. The proto-dynastic period of the EBA in Egypt set the stage for the unification of the Upper and Lower Egypt during the Early Dynastic Period. Cultural, political, and social evolution of the period culminated in the Old Kingdom and the age of pyramids; which lasted well into the Middle Kingdom in the MBA. The Levant during EBA was largely incorporated into the Mesopotamian World. But it is in the Middle Bronze Age and the rise of Canaan, when we see the genesis of biblical stories and biblical archaeology as a discipline.

Key Sites

Avaris (Egypt)

Ebla (Syria)

Giza Pyramids (Egypt)

Herakleopolis (Egypt)

Memphis (Egypt)

Naqada (Egypt)

Tel Megiddo (Israel)

Thebes (Egypt)

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