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Free and Open Media: Finding Media

Find images, music, and more content that's marked for free reuse.

Finding Media

It is a good choice to use images that are in the public domain or have a clearly designated creative commons license in your projects.  But what if you have found an image that is perfect for your argument and are unable to determine its copyright status?  When completing a class assignment or doing other scholarly work, you can often make an argument for fair use of copyrighted images, audio, video, and written content. 

Fair use permits use of copyrighted material without permission or payment for a limited set of functions.  It may apply if you are using published or publicly shared images for a non-commercial, scholarly purpose that either will not affect the potential market for the original work or is “transformative”.  

Your argument will be stronger if you are:

  • linking to an image someone else is hosting, rather than uploading your own copy

  • using a smaller or lower resolution image than the original

  • directly discussing the image, rather than using it decoratively

For more information on creative commons, copyright, and evaluating fair use arguments, see the next tab. 


Music and Sound Effects

Videos, B-roll, and Interviews