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Free and Open Media

Find images, music, and more content that's marked for free reuse.

Things to consider

  • What kind of copyright restrictions does the media have?

  • Have you cited the source of the media?

  • It is clear, cropped appropriately, not distorted, and appropriate for the platform or tool you are using? For images and videos, pay attention to image resolution and aspect ratio (width vs height).

    • For example, for StoryMaps, we recommend File size less than 400Kb, 4:3 aspect ratio.

      • 2000 pixels wide by 1500 pixels tall for full screen and main sidecar section images 

      • 1000 pixels wide by 750 pixels tall for medium images in narrative sections or sidecar panels

      • 280 pixels wide by 210 pixels tall for images in pop-ups and thumbnails

  • For images, it’s a good to test different sizes and dimensions to see what looks best. 

  • Is the media relevant and appropriate for your assignment and its topic?

  • Are you making sure to accurately represent what’s in the image, video, or sound clip? If relevant, have you tried to verify its accuracy?

  • Have you included alt text for images?