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The Wooster Digital Studio

Inside the Digital Studio

The Digital Studio is a suite of spaces designed to support digital projects from start to finish, located in the Andrews Library. Within, you’ll find:

  • The Sound Studio, ideal for interviews or podcasts with up to 3 speakers.
  • The One-Button Studio for simple, straightforward video recording.
  • Friendly and helpful CoRE Consultants who can assist with your project!
  • Six newly-updated Mac Studio workstations equipped with professional software for building and editing your work.

In addition to the Digital Studio space, we also provide a selection of media equipment — cameras, microphones, lighting, and more — for checkout via the Andrews Library circulation desk.

Using the Digital Studio

Hours: Digital Studio spaces are available any time the Andrews/Gault Library is open. A Wooster ID is required to access the Sound Studio or One Button Studio. CoRE Consultants staff the space during selected hours -- this semester's staffed hours are listed below the navigation section of this page.

Reservations: You can reserve the main Digital Studio space or either of the studio rooms using 25 Live, the Wooster campus calendar system. The system requires that reservations be made at least 7 days in advance. If you need to make a reservation on short notice, contact Zach Sharrow. Reservations receive priority over walk-in use!