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How Do I...Use MyCONSORT: Home


MyCONSORT allows users to log into the CONSORT library catalog to:

  1. view CONSORT, OhioLINK, and SearchOhio materials they have checked out, sort them by due date, and renew them online;
  2. check the status of items requested from CONSORT, OhioLINK, and SearchOhio libraries;
  3. request items without having to re-enter personal information;
  4. save searches in the catalog; and
  5. set up automatic notifications of new materials that match a saved search.

To access these functions go to the CONSORT home page and click the MyCONSORT tab. Login using your name and the number below the barcode on the back of your C.o.W. ID card.

Viewing/Renewing Checked Out Materials

Once you have logged in to MyCONSORT, you will see a list of links. Click the link for "...Items currently checked out." This will take you to a page listing the materials you currently have checked out. Click the "Sort by Due Date" button to list the materials in the order that they are due. Click the check box next to the items you want to renew and click the "Renew Checked." After the page refreshes you will see the new due date or an indication the item cannot be renewed.

Checking the Status of CONSORT, OhioLINK, and SearchOhio Requests

If you have requested materials from other CONSORT, OhioLINK, or SearchOhio libraries there will be a link for "requests (holds)." Click this link to determine the status of your request. A status of "On Holdshelf" (CONSORT) or "OhioLINK Received" (OhioLINK/SearchOhio) indicates the item is available to be picked up at the Andrews Library Circulation Desk.

Requesting Multiple Items

If you log in to MyCONSORT you will not have to enter your name/I.D. number when requesting items. Once you have logged in to MyCONSORT, you may search the CONSORT Catalog at the top of the page. When you find items you want to request, simply click the "Request" button and the request will be automatically completed.

Saving Preferred Searches

"Preferred Searches" are designed to be saved so that they can be run whenever you log in to MyCONSORT. Additionally, you can mark them to notify you of any new items added to CONSORT that match a saved search. The searches run automatically on a weekly basis. You will only receive an e-mail message if there are new items in CONSORT that match your search.

Once logged in to MyCONSORT, click the "Search the Catalog" link and perform a search in the catalog. Once you have received the initial results of your search click the "Save as preferred search" button (next to the "Search" button) to save the search.

To view your "preferred searches" click the "Back to Your Record" button and then the "Preferred Searches" link and you should see your saved search displayed. Checking the box in the "Mark for Email" column will cause a message to be sent to you when your search is run and finds results. The search is run each week and will only send results to you if it finds something new which has been added to CONSORT. Clicking the "Search" link in the right-hand column will run your query as a regular search in CONSORT. A search can be deleted by clicking the box in the "Mark for Remove" column and clicking the "Update List" button.