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Space Study 2019

This guide contains helpful information and resources for those conducting and contributing to the Libraries' space study.

Purpose & Goals of Study

In order to understand how Andrews Library's Collaborative Research Environment (CoRE) functions in the ecosystem of other library spaces, our observational space study adopts and adapts aspects of a now-industry-standard space study undertaken in the University of Cambridge libraries between 2012 and 2014. Specifically, our study observes the intensity levels of students' activities in specific areas of the libraries: high-intensity for deeply-involved, quiet scholarship, through low-intensity work marked by noise and intermittent distraction. Eventually, this and subsequent phases will help us build programming that blends the founding aspirations of the CoRE with current strategic visions for the Libraries and the College.


We are deeply grateful to our wonderful colleagues and to the Library's excellent student employees, without whom this study would not be possible. It is truly a collaborative effort. Thank you in particular to:

The Circulation department, especially Michael Buttrey and Alena Michaels

Research Help, especially Elys Law

Students from Circulation, Research Help, Digital Collections, and CoRE Consultants