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Computer Science Subject Guide: More Resources

Data & Statistics

Useful Websites

Reference Sources

This free, online dictionary provides definitions of words, phrases, and abbreviations related to computer and Internet technology. It is part of from INT Media Group, Inc.
The Turing Archive for the History of Computing
The Turing Archive for the History of Computing is a large collection of digital facsimiles of historical documents. The documents available for public viewing are divided into five subject areas: Turing’s Automatic Computing Engine, the DEUCE Computer, the Post Office MOSAIC Computer, the Manchester Computer, and Codebreaking in World War II. The Archive also contains reference articles on Turing’s work.

Pre-Prints/Technical Reports

The following sites provide online access to pre-prints and technical reports in computer science:


The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
This site provides access to a collection of bibliographies of scientific literature in computer science from journal articles, conference papers