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Sociology: Scholarly Communication

Researching in the area of Sociology

Scholarly journals

Scholarly journals (AKA academic journals, peer-reviewed journals) are generally

  • Published by academic or professional societies
  • Provide in dept analysis of or reporting of research on a topic
  • Written by an expert in the field, who is identified by name, affiliation, and credentials
  • Article follow a general pattern and may include abstract, literature review, methodology, conclusions, and bibliography
  • Reviewed by an editorial board of prominent experts in the field (peer-reviewed)
  • Have a bibliography


  • Black scholar
  • Children & youth services review
  • Law & society review

Scholarly Communication Cycle

This diagram has been adapted from Evolution of Scientific Information. [From Allan Kent and Harold Lancour, eds., Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science (New York, 1979), s.v. ”Scientific Literature,” by K. Subramanyam, 394].