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#ResearchProTips - Past Library Workshops: Building Digital Exhibits with Omeka

Library Drop-In Workshops Offered in the Past - Useful Notes and Links


Learn the basics of how Omeka can be used to create a digital exhibit of images and text. 

1. Learn different ways Omeka can be used for digital curation.

Learn what digital curation means and how Omeka enables you to add context to your digital collections. See a showcase of examples that demonstrate this.

2. Learn the basics of Dublin Core Metadata.

Understand how digital content is described in a standardized way.

3. Learn the difference between items, collections, and exhibits in Omeka.

Learn how to organize your content before creating a digital exhibit.

4. Learn how to navigate and add content in Omeka.

Learn about the Omeka dashboard and how to navigate your way around the system through hands-on activities.

5. Learn about more resources for working with Omeka.

Learn about the upcoming full-day faculty workshop and the new Omeka Libguide.



Resources for learning more

For a full introduction to Omeka, see the instructions and resources at this guide:

If you're interested in starting a project in Omeka or using it with a class, it is highly recommended that you work with a librarian. Please contact Catie Newton directly at or book a research consultation! Catie is happy to support you throughout the project.