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First Year Library Challenge 2019

Mission #3 Find a College of Wooster book.

The libraries have a lot to offer, but let's start with something traditional: books.  Here are the steps to follow to complete this mission.

  •  First, watch this short video on how to find and use CONSORT, the libraries' online catalog, to locate a book owned by the College of Wooster Libraries:



  • Then, use CONSORT to find a book on a topic you're interested in or is relevant to one of your classes.  
  • Once you've found the book you want, note the following in the provided space in your challenge booklet.
    • The topic you were looking for a book about.  
    • Title of the book you found


  • Note: CONSORT includes a huge array of electronic resources in addition to print books and other physical items.  If you're having trouble finding a print book to complete this mission, consult the help video at this link.

As a first-year student, you can borrow most books for an initial period of three weeks.  

Food for thought: the College of Wooster libraries have over 350,000 books!