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First Year Library Challenge 2019

Mission #10: Find a  current periodical (magazine, newspaper, journal) in print.

The Libraries provide access to a wealth of information in digital formats, but sometimes you crave the cozy feeling that comes from paper and ink.  Luckily, we receive a variety of scholarly journals in print as well as electronically, and there are even some journals in the Libraries that you'll only find in print!

For this mission, you'll need to find the "Current Periodicals" area in the Gault Library for Independent Study or the Timken Science Library.  You can use the following maps to help you find your way around:

To complete this mission, find a current print journal with a title that begins with the same letter as your FYS instructor's last name (for example, if your FYS instructor's name was Emily Alvarez, you could use American Scientist, or if your instructor's name was Wei Jiang, you could use Journal of Modern Literature).  Then, write both your instructor's name and the title of the journal that you found in the appropriate spaces in your booklet.

If you've been completing the missions in order, you should now be finished with the First Year Library Challenge!  Congratulations on making it this far.  The last step you need to take is to turn in your booklet at any library circulation desk.  Remember, the deadline to turn in your completed booklet is 5:00pm on September 12th!