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First Year Library Challenge 2019

Missions #8 & 9: Use journal finder.

In addition to books, the libraries offer access to an immense range of newspaper, magazine, and scholarly journal articles, both in print and online.  All those articles live in lot of different places, and with so many options, it can sometimes be tough to be sure you're looking in the right place for the article you need.  

Thankfully, there's a tool to help you find out whether the libraries provide access to the publication you need and tell you where to go to get it.  

Watch this short video on how to use Journal Finder:

Next, use Journal Finder to look up access options for the Journal of Popular Culture.  

For Mission #8 answer the following question in your challenge booklet: 

  • Is the Journal of Popular Culture available in print? 

 For Mission #9 answer the following question in your challenge booklet: 

  • What is the title of the article by Tim Posada in the June 2019 issue of this journal?  (Hint: sometimes the electronic version of a periodical is available sooner than the print version)
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