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Mathematics Subject Guide: Find Books


Finding Books

Searching the CONSORT Catalog

From the Basic Search screen, the CONSORT catalog can be searched by Author, Title, Journal Title, Keywords, Subject Headings and various identification numbers, including Library of Congress call numbers, Superintendent of Documents call numbers, and ISBN or ISSN.

Author: Retrieve a list of works by a specific known author, editor, corporate author (corporation, association, or organization) etc.

Title: Retrieve works with a specific known title or alternate title. In CONSORT, searching by title may also retrieve chapter titles within a book.

Journal title: You may search for journal titles with a Title search, but you will retrieve records for books and other materials that have the same title. For example, searching for the journal Biochemistry with a title search retrieves approximately 140 records including books and journals. Searching by journal title retrieves five records, making it much easier to locate the record you need.

Keyword searching retrieves records that contain words or combinations of words that appear in the title, author, subject headings or contents notes of a record. This flexible search interface allows you to truncate, use Boolean and proximity operators, and limit your search to specific fields in the record. Scroll down below the Keyword search form to see examples of how to use special operators in CONSORT. The Advanced Search screen provides several options for limiting your search retrieval. See also the pages about Truncation and Proximity Operators for help using these techniques in CONSORT.

Subject: Retrieves a list of works about a particular topic based on subject headings assigned by the Library of Congress. Learning to use both keyword and subject searching will help you focus your retrieval. For example, if you are looking for materials about “chaos” you will find that a keyword search retrieves more than 1000 records using the word chaos in many different contexts. By reviewing some of the relevant records, you may find that the ones that are most useful all have the subject heading “Chaotic behavior in systems.” By clicking on that subject heading from within a record, or by typing that heading into a subject search, you will retrieve 155 records that are focused on your topic.

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