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Zotero: Home

Attention Mac users: The Zotero extension for Safari is no longer available for download. Firefox, Chrome, and Edge extensions are available for immediate use, and a redesigned Safari extension is currently in testing with no estimated release date.

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About Zotero


Zotero is free software that allows you to collect, store, organize, and cite bibliographic resources (like journal articles, books, and websites). Features include:

  • Importing sources directly from a web browser

  • Expandable cloud storage for your library

  • Collaborative and social features

And of course, the most impressive feature:

  • Generating citations automatically

This guide is designed to help you get up and running with Zotero.  Our text and video tutorials cover the basics, from installing the app to generating your first bibliography.  Keep in mind that Zotero is meant to work with a huge variety of different websites and software configurations, so your experience may differ somewhat from the descriptions in the tutorials.  If you run into a problem or need more help, contact Zach Sharrow.