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ARCH 21908: Archaeology of the Ancient Near East : Late Bronze Age

This guide will help you get started with your research for Archaeology of the Ancient Near East

Late Bronze Age (LBA)

The Late Bronze Age (about 1,550–1,200 BCE) set the stage for the decline of Mesopotamia and the Dark Ages that lasted well into the Iron Age. Although the Elamites continued to flourish in southwestern Iran and the Hittites grew in Anatolia, the Assyrian and Babylonian power houses of old came under the rule of the Hurrians and Kassites, respectively. As Mesopotamia waned, Egypt experienced the most prosperous and powerful period in its history in the New Kingdom.

Key Sites

Mari (Syria)

Ugarit (Syria)

Ashkalon (Israel)

Thebes (Egypt)

Troy (Turkey)

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