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U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List: Meteorological Yearbook (A 29.45:, C 30.25:)

Meteorological Yearbook (A 29.45:, C 30.25:)

The United States Meteorological Yearbook, published by the Weather Bureau, was originally printed as part of the Annual Reports of the Weather Bureau. Around the same time that the annual reports ceased to be printed as part of the U. S. Congressional Serial Set, the Meteorological Yearbook began to appear as a separate title within the Serial Set. The Yearbook remained under the A 29.45: call number until the Weather Bureau was transferred to the Department of Commerce in 1940, where it received the C 30.25: SuDocs classification.

1935-1940 A 29.45: Weather Bureau, Department of Agriculture
1940-1965 C 30.25: Weather Bureau, Department of Commerce

(Andriot 23, 152)

Date Congress Session Type Volume Number Serial Set Volume
1935 75th 1st H.doc. 38 50 10145
1936 75th 3rd H.doc. 23 523 10272
1937 76th 1st H.doc. 51 291 10370
1938 77th 1st H.doc. 40 184 10617
1939 77th 1st H.doc. 41 351 10618
1940 77th 2nd H.doc. 45 719 10724
1941 Not included in Congressional documents
1942 80th 2nd H.doc. 48 655 11270
1943-1949 82nd 2nd H.doc. 41 551 11637


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