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U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List: Official Register of the United States (S 1.11:, I 1.25:, C 3.10:, CS 1.31:)

Official Register of the United States (S 1.11:, I 1.25:, C 3.10:, CS 1.31:)

The Register of Officers and Agents, Civil, Military, and Naval, otherwise known as the Official Register, began publication in 1816 and was made a biennial publication in 1817, reverting to annual publication after 1921. (The dates refer to the latest date covered by the Register, not the imprint date.) The Official Register became known as the "Blue Book" due to its binding in blue roan from 1817 onward. It was originally published by the State Department, but the publications was transferred respectively to the Interior Department, the Census Bureau, and finally the Civil Service Commission; not all issues, however, were published as part of the Congressional Serial Set.

1816-1859 S 1.11: Department of State
1861-1905 I 1.25: Department of the Interior
1907-1932 C 3.10: Bureau of the Census, Department of Commerce
1933-1959 CS 1.31: Civil Service Commission

(Andriot 106, 216, 470, 675; Checklist 321, 439, 908)

Date Congress Session Type Volume Number Serial Set Volume
1816-1881 Not included in Congressional documents
1883 48th 1st H.misc.doc. 2-3 4 2214-2215
1885 49th 1st H.misc.doc. 5-6 27 2410-2411
1887 50th 1st H.misc.doc. 3-4 87 2567-2568
1889 51st 1st H.misc.doc. 5-6 41 2764-2765
1891 52nd 1st H.misc.doc. 27-28 50 2985-2986
1893 53rd 2nd H.misc.doc. 2-3 29 3230-3231


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