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U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List: Serial Set Volume Numbers and Corresponding SuDocs Numbers, 38th Congress (Volumes 1175 to 1235)

Serial Set Volume Numbers and Corresponding SuDocs Numbers, 38th Congress (Volumes 1175 to 1235)

PLEASE NOTE: The correlation of Serial Set volume numbers and SuDocs numbers in this finding list is intended as a guideline only, especially for earlier Congresses, due to the many discrepancies between the document and the departmental editions of many titles. For further information, please consult the section on the limitations of this project.

Serial Set Volume Number SuDocs Number
1180 S 1.1:863/v.1
1181 S 1.1:863/v.2
1182 I 1.1:863 (inc. I 1.51:863, I 20.1:863, I 21.1:863, I 24.1:863)
1183 N 1.1:863
1184 inc. P 1.1:863, W 1.1:863
1186 inc. T 1.1:863
1188 T 11.1:863
1190 S 4.1:863
1191 I 23.1/1:863/v.1
1192 I 23.1/1:863/v.2
1196 A 1.1:863
1197 T 37.1:863
1199 inc. GP 1.1:863
1200 inc. NA 1.1:863
1201 SI 1.1:863
1216 S 1.1:864/v.1
1217 S 1.1:864/v.2
1218 S 1.1:864/v.3
1219 S 1.1:864/v.4
1220 I 1.1:864 (inc. I 1.51:864, I 20.1:864, I 21.1:864, I 24.1:864), P 1.1:864
1221 N 1.1:864
1222 inc. T 1.1:864
1223 inc. GP 1.1:864
1224 T 11.1:864
1225 I 23.1/1:864/v.1
1226 I 23.1/1:864/v.2
1227 S 4.1:864
1228 A 1.1:864
1229 inc. NA 1.1:864
1230 inc. W 1.1:864
1231 T 37.1:864
1233 SI 1.1:864

NOTE: "inc." indicates that the Serial Set volume does not completely correspond to the SuDocs number(s) listed; other documents are included in the Serial Set volume. "OR" indicates that more than one SuDocs number corresponds to the Serial Set volume listed.


Disclaimer: This finding list is provided for general reference use only and is not indicative of the Serial Set or agency holdings at the College of Wooster. If you are looking for a report listed here, please check at your local depository library.

The College of Wooster Libraries, March 2004
Editor: Jennifer E. McMullen
Contact: Mark Gooch