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U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List: Manpower Reports (L 1.42/2:)

Manpower Reports (L 1.42/2:)

The Manpower Report of the President was published by the Department of Labor to summarize information about the American work force, including resources, training, and statistics on employment and unemployment. In 1976, the report was renamed the Employment and Training Report of the President. Although the series began publication in 1963, it was not published in the U. S. Congressional Serial Set until the 1966 issue. (Andriot 550)

Date Congress Session Type Volume Number Serial Set Volume
1966 89th 2nd H.doc. 25 406 12748
1967 90th 1st H.doc. 25 116 12789
1968 90th 2nd H.doc. 24 302 12828
1969 91st 1st H.doc. 25 62 12874
1970 91st 2nd H.doc. 27 287 12922*
1971 92nd 1st H.doc. 25 86 12968*
1972 92nd 2nd H.doc. 10 192 12995*
1973 93rd 1st H.doc. 23 64 13052*
1974 93rd 2nd H.doc. 23 288 13094*
1975 94th 1st H.doc. 17 111 13125*

* These documents were distributed only in the format used by the agency and were not published as Congressional documents, despite having been assigned to Serial Set volumes.


Disclaimer: This finding list is provided for general reference use only and is not indicative of the Serial Set or agency holdings at the College of Wooster. If you are looking for a report listed here, please check at your local depository library.