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U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List: Reports, U. S. High Commissioner to the Philippines (W 105.1:)

Reports, U. S. High Commissioner to the Philippines (W 105.1:)

The Philippines were declared a Commonwealth in 1935, and the governing of the island nation was largely turned over to the Philippine people. The office of the U. S. High Commissioner was established to represent American interests in the Philippines until well after Philippine independence was declared in 1946, although the functions of this office were transferred to the Department of the Interior in 1942. The annual reports began with a volume covering 1935 and 1936 together. For some years, the Annual Reports of the President of the Philippines also appeared in the U. S. Congressional Serial Set alongside the reports from the U. S. High Commissioner. (Andriot 785, NARA web site)

Date Congress Session Type Volume Number Serial Set Volume
1935-1936 75th 1st H.doc. 57 287 10164
1937 76th 1st H.doc. 71 93 10390
1938-1939* 77th 2nd H.doc. 15 706 10694 pt.
1940* 77th 2nd H.doc. 15 707 10694 pt.
1941 77th 2nd H.doc. 62 885 10741
1942 78th 1st H.doc. 53 111 10828
7th (1943-1947?) 80th 1st H.doc. 9 389 11144

*A resume of the 1938-39 and 1940 reports, not the complete reports, was printed in the Serial Set.


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