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U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List: Annual Reports on Weather Modification (NS 1.21:)

Annual Reports on Weather Modification (NS 1.21:)

Since 1959, The National Science Foundation has administered the Weather Modification Program by awarding grants and contracts with researchers affiliated with universities or research groups to encourage further study of the atmospheric sciences. These annual reports summarized the activities of the Foundation as well as of other government agencies in this field of research. (Andriot 179, 628)

Date Congress Session Type Volume Number Serial Set Volume
1959 86th 2nd H.doc. 48 438 12315 pt.
1960 87th 1st H.doc. 45 213 12406 pt.
1961 87th 2nd H.doc. 69 534 12527 pt.
1962 88th 1st H.doc. 47 143 12611 pt.
1963 89th 1st H.doc. 31 43 12707 pt.
1964 89th 1st H.doc. 31 188 12707 pt.
1965 89th 2nd H.doc. 22 385 12745 pt.
1966 90th 1st H.doc. 23 145 12787 pt.
1967 90th 2nd H.doc. 8 391 12812 pt.
1968 91st 1st H.doc. 16 186 12865 pt.


Disclaimer: This finding list is provided for general reference use only and is not indicative of the Serial Set or agency holdings at the College of Wooster. If you are looking for a report listed here, please check at your local depository library.