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U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List: Annual Reports, Director of the Veterans' Bureau (VB 1.1: and VA 3.1:)

Annual Reports, Director of the Veterans' Bureau (VB 1.1: and VA 3.1:)

In 1921, Congress established the Veterans' Bureau to consolidate the work of the Bureau of War Risk Insurance from the Department of the Treasury and the Rehabilitation Division of the Federal Board for Vocational Education. In 1930, the Bureau was consolidated with the Bureau of Pensions to form the Veterans Bureau within the Veterans' Administration. This Bureau lasted only one year before its work was taken up elsewhere within the Veterans' Administration. The annual reports began publication in 1922. (Andriot 754)

Date Congress Session Type Volume Number Serial Set Volume
1922 67th 4th H.doc. 40 484 8211
1923 68th 1st H.doc. 122 87 8383
1924 68th 2nd H.doc. 100 451 8518
1925 69th 1st H.doc. 119 59 8680
1926 69th 2nd H.doc. 107 532 8823
1927 70th 1st H.doc. 98 20 8972
1928 70th 2nd H.doc. 109 359 9112
1929 71st 2nd H.doc. 94 190 9317
1930 71st 3rd H.doc. 131 533 9481


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