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U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List: Annual Reports, President of the Philippine Islands (W 106.1:)

Annual Reports, President of the Philippine Islands (W 106.1:)

When the Philippines were declared a Commonwealth in 1935, direct government of the Philippine Islands by the United States was replaced with an elected President (although still nominally under the authority of the U. S. Department of War). The annual reports of the Philippine President appeared in the U. S. Congressional Serial Set from 1936 through 1940, alongside the Reports of the U. S. High Commissioner to the Philippines. (Andriot 785)

Date Congress Session Type Volume Number Serial Set Volume
1936 75th 3rd H.doc. 6 537 10255
1937 76th 1st H.doc. 11 94 10330
1938 76th 3rd H.doc. 3 545 10477
1939 76th 3rd H.doc. 25 983 10499
1940 77th 1st H.doc. 18 440 10595


Disclaimer: This finding list is provided for general reference use only and is not indicative of the Serial Set or agency holdings at the College of Wooster. If you are looking for a report listed here, please check at your local depository library.