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U.S. Congressional Serial Set Finding List: Annual Reports, Public Buildings Commission (Y 3.P 96/4:1/)

Annual Reports, Public Buildings Commission (Y 3.P 96/4:1/)

The Public Buildings Commission was established as an independent commission in 1919 to control spaces in buildings owned by the District of Columbia and to oversee the use of those buildings. (Although it was related to the Office of the Commissioner of Public Buildings under the Interior and the War Departments, it was not an immediate successor to those agencies.) The agency was abolished in 1933 and its functions were transferred to the Office of Public Buildings and Public Parks of the National Capital. The annual reports only began appearing in the U. S. Congressional Serial Set with the 1924 report. (Andriot 849)

Date Congress Session Type Volume Number Serial Set Volume
1924 69th 1st S.doc. 2 16 8540
1925 69th 2nd S.doc. 4 179 8695
1926 69th 2nd S.doc. 16 240 8707
1927 70th 1st S.doc. 17 112 8863
1928 70th 2nd S.doc. 11 227 8994
1929 71st 2nd S.doc. 12 142 9209
1930 71st 3rd S.doc. 6 266 9338
1931 72nd 1st S.doc. 14 88 9512
1932 72nd 2nd S.doc. 10 210 9664


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